GOALIes: Ice Hockey and Lacrosse






I’m playing U-16 AAA Midgets for this season. This past summer I was the alternate on the USA Hockey District team.

Text Box: I have been playing goalie in Hockey and goalie in Lacrosse at varying levels for about 11 years. I am also certified as a Level 3 USA Hockey Official. The various sports will always tell you to play multiple sports, but then they make each one a year round event. It does get difficult, but playing different sports actually helps you play each one better. Be an athlete not a player.  
One of the hockey teams I played for was fortunate to win the Silver Medal at the USA Hockey US Nationals. We made it back to the US Nationals two years later, but only went 2-2. It was a great experience as the team finished 46-14 –2.
I have been fortunate to be on hockey teams that have won one Bronze and three Gold Medals at Can Am Tournaments.  In one game I was awarded an assist on the Championship, game winning goal in triple overtime. What a thrill. I have also won the Goalie Shoot out  at Can Am. 
I am a big fan of Marty Brodeur, heck he is the best ever, but there are a lot of great American born goalies playing in the pros. 
They will tell you, you need to be big to be a good goalie, hogwash. I a 5 ‘10”, 140 Lbs and can play with anyone.  In Lacrosse, they go by graduation yrs and not birth, and although there are times I am 18 month younger I still can beat the best. As a high school Lacrosse goalie I had a 68% save percentage and as a travel lacrosse goalie I have over an 82% save percentage.  Playing goalie in Ice Hockey is a little different as I usually have about a 93%+ save percentage. 

Goalie TRAINING: Use YouTube videos to get ideas and incorporate that into your team practices. If the coach leaves you alone, push yourself with these drills. I also use FuturePros George Bozak. Great coach. Coach George is now also the goalie coach at Princeton University.  
I prefer Vaughn Goalie pads, gloves, pants and check protection. Moved to a Bauer 990 helmet, the other 3 broke, and Graf skates. Sticks are a big issue. I love the SubZero but they only last a week or two at AA and AAA level, great balance and flex. They need a deeper curve.  Out of cost, I switched to Warriors new stick. 
Now my little bother is playing keeper in both Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. 
My Father has played goalie and coached goalies since before we all wore facemasks. He let me try out  his old fiberglass mask and Cooper GM 21 goalie glove. Boy have things changed. 
When I compare my Vaughn’s Goalie equipment to an old set of Leather goalie pads, it gave me pause to appreciate all the rigors that the “old goalies” put in for me to play today. 
Don’t worry about winning, its about self improvement. If a player yells at you, hand him your gloves and stick and sit on the bench for a shift.  It will not happen again. 
Whether playing Lacrosse or Hockey goaltending  it is :
“All about frustrating and denying the shooters. :)) “
Playing Lacrosse Goalie is both similar and completely different than playing Goalie in Ice Hockey. The thrill of defeating the shooter is a rush, but the equipment is considerably less in Lacrosse and to some extent the shots are quicker but the plays take longer to develop. I would love to continue playing both positions in college, but the education comes first.



They give you the Silver Medal, you have to earn the Gold Medal”.—MBB

My Little Brother in the net at Mites on Ice NJ Devils Game

Former NJ Devils Scott Stevens and Jim Dowd shooting at me

Squirt B Hockey, where the fun starts

Squirt B Hockey, where the fun starts

Living your dream, and don't let anyone tell you ,you can’t. Its not how good you are but how much you enjoy it. 

2013 USA Hockey Nationals Group 3

Teaching the next generation of goalies is some of the funnest times you will spend on the ice or in the locker rooms.


I’m now a Level 3 Official and  I still enjoy  officiating the younger kids.

Some of my Lacrosse Videos from High School and Travel Lacrosse.

"We goaltenders tend to be very proud bastards." ~ Gerry Cheevers

"Goaltending is a normal job. Sure! How would like it in your job if every time to made a small mistake a red light went on over your desk and 15,000 people stood up and yelled at you." ~ Jacques Plante

"There is no position in sport as noble as goaltending." ~ Vladislav Tretiak

"Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through." ~ Jacques Plante